The Code Enforcement/Zoning Officer - Mr. Thomas Albanese, at 724-843-5247.

The Township Solicitor is Joseph M. Budicak who is located at 401 – 13th Street, New Brighton, PA. Phone number is 724-847-7299.

Animal Control Officer: Beaver County Humane Society – 724-775-5801.

Constable: Edward A. Musser, 3706 – 49th Street, New Brighton

Pulaski Township Police: The police services are contracted with the Borough of New Brighton. The phone number is 724-846-2270. In case of an emergency you may call 911.

Cable Television - Comcast, 2810 Darlington Road, Beaver Falls, PA 15010 1-800-266-2278

Water Service is provided by the Beaver Falls Municipal Authority, 1400 – 8th Avenue, Beaver Falls (724-846-2400).

Sewage is with the New Brighton Sanitary Authority,. For service or for information concerning your bill, call the Sewer Billing Clerk at the Borough of New Brighton (724-843-0698)

Sewage Enforcement Officer: Daniel C. Baker Associates, Inc., 6056 Tuscarawas Road, Beaver, PA 15009 (724-495-7020)

Refuse Hauling: Valley Waste, Inc., 1223 – 8th Avenue, Beaver Falls, PA (724-843-9373)

Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania, 200 North Mercer Avenue, New Brighton, PA supplies Gas Service (724-847-0210) Emergency Number (800-942-2204)

Duquesne Light Company – 724-728-8410 Emergency Number (724-728-8450)

The Township Garage is located at 3390 – 43rd Street, New Brighton. This department is responsible for road construction, grass cutting, storm sewer work, winter snow and ice removal, collecting leaves and branches (Storm debris), street signs and taking care of the equipment and maintenance of township roads.

Voting Polls: The polls are located in the Fellowship Hall behind the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church, 4607 Rochester Road, New Brighton. (724-846-1545)

New Brighton Public Library has been serving the communities of New Brighton, Daugherty Township, Pulaski Township and Fallston for thirty nine years. It is part of the Beaver County Federated Library System and is located at 1021 Third Avenue, New Brighton. Hours are Monday & Thursday 11-7, Tuesday and Wednesday 11:30-5:30, Closed Fridays and open on Saturday 9-1. The phone number is 724-846-7991.

Sunrise Pool: The telephone for the Pool is 724-843-8443. You can book parties and swim all year round. Family passes are available.

Fire Department: If you are interested in being a fireman you can contact any fireman. Hall rentals call Betty Margetic at 724-846-4968 or 724-494-0144.


Supervisors: George Hage - 4707 Rochester Road, New Brighton, PA 724-843-6953
Arthur D. (Doug) Margetic Jr. - 3928 – 36th Street, New Brighton 724-846-7638
Bryon Mooney – 3801 – 33rd Avenue, New Brighton, PA 724-846-4701

Mable C. Henn, 3518 – 37th Street, New Brighton, PA 724-846-1749

Joseph M. Budicak – 401 – 13th Street, New Brighton, PA 724-847-7299

Tax Collector:
Judy K. Hage – 4707 Rochester, Road, New Brighton, PA 724-843-6953

Amy Laveing, 4322 – 34th Avenue, New Brighton 724-891-2512
Heather Ward, 3201 – 47th Street, New Brighton 724-846-1987
Laurie Dishler, 3407 – 45th Street, New Brighton 724-843-7603

Governor: Tom Corbett – Main Capitol Building, Room 225, Harrisburg, PA 17120
(717-787-2500) www.government.state.pa.us

State Senator: Elder Vogel, Jr. – 488 Adams Street, Rochester, PA 15074 (724-774-0444)
717-787-3076 evogel@pasen.gov

State Representative: Jim Marshall – Chippewa Township Municipal Building, Suite 1, 2811 Darlington Rd, Beaver Falls, PA 15010 (724-847-1352)

Beaver County Commissioners: Tony Amadio, Dennis Nichol, Joe Spanik, 810 Third Street,
Beaver, PA 15009 724-728-5700 www.co.beaver.pa.us

District Judge: Dale Nicolson, 513 – 11th Street, New Brighton, PA 15066 (724-843-7050)

HeritageValley ( Medical Center): 1000 Dutch Ridge Road, Beaver, PA 15009 (724-728-7000)

Medic Rescue:
724-728-3620 or Dial 911 and ask for Medic Rescue
Non-emergency (Transport Services) 724-728-7616

PA ONE CALL: Call before you dig 1-800-242-1776 www.paonecall.org

New Brighton Police Department - 610 Third Avenue, New Brighton, PA 724-846-2270

Post Office:
New Brighton Post Office 724-846-0458

Dr. Joseph A. Guarino, Superintendent 724-843-1795 www.nbsd.k12.pa.us
Committee Meetings – 2nd Monday General Meetings – 4th Monday each Month
New Brighton Administration Office, 3225 – 43rd Street, New Brighton (724-843-1795)
New Brighton Elementary, 3200 – 43rd Street, New Brighton (724-843-1194)
New Brighton Middle School – 901 Allegheny Street, New Brighton (724-846-8100)
New Brighton Senior High School – 3200 – 43rd Street, New Brighton (724-846-1050)

Road Supervisor: Doug Margetic, 3928 – 36th Street, New Brighton 724-846-7638

Engineer: Daniel C. Baker Associates, Inc., 300 South Walnut Lane, Suite 202, Beaver, PA  15009-9552; 724-435-7020

Road Foreman: Michael J. Zachodni - 724-624-1397

Acting Fire Chief: Alan Hickey - 724-843-2898

Fire Chief: Scott Roeder 724-581-6404

Emergency Management Coordinator: Doug Margetic, 3928 – 36th Street, New Brighton 724-846-7638